Missing Teeth – South Euclid, OH

Taking Your Smile from Incomplete to Complete

Missing teeth do more than just wreak havoc on your appearance and self-confidence. They also pose a threat to your oral and overall health. Dr. Skerl and Dr. Plucinsky want to help patients take back their confidence and smile with the help of dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures. We’ll discuss your options with you during a scheduled consultation so that you are informed of how you would like to proceed. Call us today.

Why Choose University Suburban Dental for Replacing Missing Teeth?

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  • Dentist with 40+ Years of Experience

Dental Bridges

When extra space exists along the upper or lower arch of your mouth, you’ll need a solution to help “bridge” the gap. This is possible with the help of a customized restoration known as a fixed dental bridge. Designed to restore the use of your teeth as well as the appearance of your smile, it requires two dental crowns that are anchored to healthy abutment teeth as well as pontics or artificial teeth that rest on top of your gums.


Multiple missing teeth or an entire row should not go without treatment for long. One way to avoid the potential for facial sagging and jawbone shrinkage is to inquire about a full or partial denture. Made from many of the same materials (i.e., acrylic and porcelain), the base blends in with existing gum tissue before artificial teeth are positioned along the prosthetic. Although partials are secured with metal clasps or clips, full dentures need only suction and denture adhesives.

Dental Implants

The jawbone serves as the foundational support for dental implants, which is why it’s important that you have ample density before agreeing to treatment. The titanium posts that take the place of tooth roots are surgically placed within the jawbone so that they can fuse over time (3-6 months) and create a firm base. Capable of supporting crowns, bridges, and dentures, they offer permanency that is evident in their ability to remain in place for a lifetime.

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