Advanced Dental Technology – South Euclid, OH

Greater Comfort, Improved Experiences

A good dental appointment may largely be based on how well you were treated and the type of results you received, but have you considered how the technology used can also play a role in the overall experience? At University Suburban Dental, Dr. Skerl aims to provide the most advanced solutions to create a more seamless, comfortable, and worthwhile appointment.

Digital Impressions

Whether you need a dental crown, customized veneers, or a full set of dentures, our digital impression system allows for a mess-free experience. While cold, messy dental putty was once the only way to capture a mold of your teeth, we avoid the use of this gag-inducing material and instead, turn to our TRIOS scanner that allows for a more comfortable approach while producing a higher-resolution, 3D model of your smile.

Soft Tissue Laser

When it comes to targeting bad bacteria inside the mouth, it can burrow into narrow areas that other dental services cannot successfully treat. However, with our Waterlase soft tissue laser, we can target these areas with optimal precision, allowing for healthy tissues to remain untouched, while damaged ones are eliminated, allowing the mouth to heal properly without the likelihood of bleeding, swelling, and infection.

Cavity Detection with CariVu

Our CariVu cavity detection system is a great diagnostic instrument that allows us to pinpoint cavity-stricken areas of the mouth. Even if a cavity has not yet formed, it can detect even the earliest signs of decay so that appropriate steps are taken to fully eradicate it. It includes near-infrared technology to create a light that can penetrate a tooth to show what is inside. Anything that appears darkened is likely to be a crack or cavity.

Intraoral Camera

Nowadays, patients want to see what the dentist sees when performing an examination. With the help of an intraoral camera, we can scan your teeth using a handheld device and project the images onto a nearby computer screen. This allows you to easily view your teeth, gums, and what is happening underneath the surface. You’ll also learn why certain treatments are important and how to take proper care of your smile while at home.


If you have the dreaded black triangles that form as a result of gaps, periodontal disease, or gum recession, or if your chipped or broken teeth are causing problems with your overall aesthetics and oral health, it’s time to consider Bioclear. This unique way to place dental restorations not only allows you to keep more regular enamel but also delivers a more conservative way to fill areas of your smile and minimize the chance of sensitivity.

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